Commercial transportation

Premium products for bumper-to-bumper protection helping achieve the most performance out of every kilometer; maximizing vehicle uptime and minimizing operating costs

Passenger vehicles

Caltex’s range of high performance engine oils, antifreeze/coolants and ancillary products are designed to protect what matters throughout your vehicle’s engine and critical system components.

Off-road equipment

Caltex Chevron lubricants for mining and quarrying is designed to offer durable protection, reliability and efficiency in high pressure industrial operations.

Industrial equipment and machinery

Caltex advanced technology lubricants are designed to deliver robust protection and reliable operational performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

Inland marine applications

Caltex advanced range of inland marine lubricant technology products for boats, vessels and equipment help deliver stem-to-stern protection and equipment reliability for inland/coastal operations.


  1. Caltex is born. Our journey begins with the merger between US oil companies, Socal and The Texas Co.


    One company had the oil, the other had the markets. On June 30, 1936, California Texas Oil Co., Ltd. (Caltex) is created as a joint and equal venture between Standard Oil Co. (Socal, later Chevron) of California and The Texas Co. (Texaco). The Texaco Star is already a hallmark of quality, service and reliability. Therefore, the Caltex logo – comprising a red star intersected by the word “CALTEX” in black letters – is only a subtle departure from the Texaco logo of that time.

  2. After World War II ends, we increase our bunkering service as part of our global expansion


    We also boost manufacturing of lubricating oil and asphalt sales and dramatically increase our refining capacity as we have access to 150,000 barrels a day from the Bahrain Refinery as well as an additional 27,000 barrels a day from California Arabian Standard Oil Co.’s Ras Tanura Refinery in Saudi Arabia for growing markets east of Suez. In this 1948 photograph, barrels of oil from Bahrain are loaded onto a Caltex tanker for shipment to Eastern Hemisphere markets.

  3. Introducing Caltex’s own branded products spurs sales.


    Our large refining presence drives demand for petroleum products, gaining a market position of about 30 per cent in the countries east of Suez.

  4. After purchasing 40 surplus tankers from the US wartime fleet, Caltex has the world’s 5th largest fleet.


  5. Our product sales increase more than 10 per cent a year as we extend our operations to more than 70 countries around the world.


    Japan leads the demand, buying 11 million barrels of our products.

  6. We officially change our name from California Texas Oil Corp. to Caltex Petroleum Corp.


    Throughout its marketing area, the company had always been identified with the name ‘Caltex’ in the mind of consumers.

  7. Our logo changes subtly when the word “CALTEX” is printed over a white stripe that intersects the red star.


  8. We launch an advertising campaign focusing on our multicultural employee base.


    Through a global advertising campaign, we demonstrate how we live up to our promise “to employ, train, and advance citizens of each and every country where the Caltex Star shines.”

  9. We begin to use oil that neither we, nor any of our parent companies, produced.


    With this change, we become a trading company dealing on the open market.

  10. We launch a New Brand identity campaign to strengthen consumer recognition.


    The campaign includes new signage, modernised designs and bolder colour schemes for our stations and trucks. Our station canopies display a white star on a red background with white stripes – also known as ‘energy lines’ – that run diagonally across one corner. Our name, ‘Caltex’, is imprinted in black on a red background in a customised typeface.

  11. We celebrate our 50th anniversary, marking our enduring commitment to the people of the 56 countries in which we operate.


    A historian states that across all 56 countries where we operate, our “reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and as a fair employer has never been tarnished in any corner of the globe where the Caltex banner flies. This is the company’s highest idea, its proudest legacy and its most cherished birthday gift.

  12. We continue focusing on high-growth areas with trading, logistics and marketing of bunker, aviation fuels and lubricants.


    As part of our efforts to streamline operations, we sell our 50 per cent interest in Nippon Petroleum Refining Co., Ltd. We continue our relationship with Nippon Oil, emphasising trading, logistics, and the marketing of bunker and aviation fuels and lubricants.

  13. A brand identity campaign introduces Caltex’s new logo, the Delta Star. We also begin re-imaging several thousand of our retail outlets.


    We launch our corporate and retail identity programme, the Delta Star, featuring a distinctive five-point star with a dynamic delta at its centre and a new red, white and blue colour combination. The blazing red Delta is designed into the new Caltex Star to make it unique and convey a sense of movement, continual change and dynamism to the company’s customers and key partners. The new logo is designed for maximum visual impact, especially at retail sites.

  14. We change our name to Caltex Corp.


    We drop ‘Petroleum’ from our name, changing it to Caltex Corp., to accommodate the non-petroleum products that are becoming a growing source of revenue.

  15. We change our name to Caltex Corp.


    We move our headquarters from Dallas to Singapore.

  16. Caltex introduces its ‘one stop worth making’ campaign as part of its enhanced brand positioning programme.


  17. Caltex enhances its brand positioning by boldly launching products in time to usher in the new millennium.


  18. We receive Singapore’s first-ever Global Headquarters Award, which recognises the company as a leading, significant corporate player.


    This prestigious award recognises our success in transforming ourselves from a geographically-focused organisation to one that operates along functional business lines, placing fast and creative problem-solving, high-tech marketing and old-fashioned elbow grease first.

  19. We become a part of ChevronTexaco Corp.


    The Chevron-Texaco merger fosters many natural synergies with Caltex, including shared standards of performance and operational excellence geared to being a consistent leader in the marketplace.

  20. We declare a significant earnings improvement.


    As energy demand growth strengthens, our operating and efficiency gains pay off in a significant earnings improvement. On the verge of our 70th anniversary, Caltex’s position is solid, meriting Forbes’ description of the company as “the jewel in [Chevron’s] crown.

  21. ChevronTexaco Corp changes its name to Chevron Corporation.


  22. Our journey continues in 29 countries around the world.




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