Motorbikes & Recreational
xplore Caltex superior range of motorbike lubricants, ATV and UTV lubricants, designed to enhance performance and protect your recreational vehicle. Discover our advanced engine oils, coolants, and greases tailored for motorbike and recreational vehicle use.
Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 4
High performance non-petroleum automotive brake fluid
Gear Oil GL-5
SAE 80W-90 & SAE 85W-140
Multipurpose lubricants
Havoline Brake and Clutch Fluid DOT 4
Automotive Brake & Clutch Fluid
Havoline Ezy 4T SAE 20W-50
High-Quality Four-Stroke Motorcycle Oil
Havoline Full Synthetic CVT Fluid
Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid
Havoline Plus 2T
Proven performance two-stroke motor cycle oil
Super Outboard 3
Premium performance, two-stroke marine outboard oil
Texaco Multifak Premium 3
Efficient performance lithium Grease