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Lisa Kelly on History

"When I make up my mind to do something, nothing gets in my way"

Lisa Kelly on History® Network's Ice Road Truckers®

Mike Papac from History

It's tough. Some can hack it, some can't.

Mike Papac from History® Network’s Ax Men®



Freddy Dodge from Discovery’s Gold Rush

"I build my own luck out of diesel, steel and sweat"

Freddy Dodge from Discovery’s Gold Rush

Mike Papac

I don't care how hard times get, somebody's gonna survive. And I always plan on that somebody being me.

Dale Kitchens from The Edge of Farming

Delo user since 1978

Delo provides end-to-end protection

When your livelihood depends on the machines you operate, you need a motor oil that gets the tough jobs done. Schedule time with a Caltex Lubricants representative in your area to see how using Delo can affect your bottom line.